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The Loughborough and North West Leicesterhsire Green Party is passionate and active in the local area. We care about public transport, access to services, provision of green space and access to fresh local produce to name just a few! 

Some of the issues we have been working on are detailed below. To find out more about any of them, contact us at contact@loughborough.greenparty.org.uk 

Active Transport around Loughborough 

We are passionate about active and sustainable travel in our local area. This means enabling people to forgo their cars for local journeys and giving them safe, reliable options for active and public transport. Below are some of our thoughts on active and public transport that inform our campaigns throughout Loughborough and North West Leicestershire. 

Active Transport

- Installation of non-prescribed zebra crossings on all side roads and at all cycle lane road crossing points, which give priority to pedestrians and cyclists respectively when crossing the road.
- Development of a network of continuous cycle paths and lanes, in conjunction with the introduction of legislation to prevent parking of vehicles on these paths and lanes.
- Review of "street furniture" (signage etc) and barriers on pavements and cycle lanes to remove unnecessary obstacles and better site any that are necessary, in order to minimise obstructions to users of these paths and lanes.
- Provision of all-weather surfaces on strategic inter-city/town/village foot and cycle paths, with the aim that there should be at least one such preferrably off-road route between all cities, towns and villages.

Public Transport

- Increased devolution of local transport provision and funding to local transport authorities.
- Integration of public transport modes to provide common ticketing and frequent, reliable connections.
- Provision of regular public transport services accessible within 10-15 minutes walk for all residents of settlements consisting of 50 or more homes.

If you would like to speak to us about transport in your area, get in touch. 

Charnwood Local Plan 

As a local party, we have submitted our comments on the Local Area Plan for 2021-37. The full local area plan can be found here and until 23rd of August the consultation is open to comments. The North West Leicestershire and Loughborough Green Party feels strongly that the plan to build nearly 20,000 new homes on green land is not the right way forward for Charnwood. You can read our full response here and contact us if you would like to disucss this further. 

Sustainable Loughborough 

We have created a vision for a sustainable Loughborough that builds on our considerable foundations as a town that is looking towards a green future. Please read our full vision for Loughborough here. 

We are currently engaging with local schools on the issue of travel to school and will produce a report from our findings shortly.

Leicestershire's Resources and Waste Strategy 2022-2050

We have submitted a response to the Leicestershire Resources and Waste Strategy on 22nd April 2022.

NWL and Loughborough Green Parties concluded after member discussions that there was too little consideration for people without transport, living in flats and in rural areas. There was a common thread in the document of relying on individuals to be able to reach tool hire, refill shops,  car boot sales and household waste sites.  

One solution the group proposed was to have large municipal waste skips for public use like they do in the Netherlands and Brighton. This would cut down littering and fly-tipping and make it easy for people to keep waste contained, prior to processing. 

Additionally we were concerned about the isolation of  the strategy without links to a better public transport plan for example, to ensure that the waste strategy didn't unintentionally increase reliance on cars and fossil fuels. 

The full submission can be found here






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