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Naomi Bottomley is originally from Buckinghamshire and moved to the Loughborough area as a student in 2012. She is passionate about education, health and social care; having a background working in schools, children's mental health services, disability support work and care homes.
Naomi joined the Green Party because she understands that we need to take climate action now and was frustrated by the blasé attitude of current politics. She also believes that the Green Party have the strongest solutions to many of our education, health and social issues; the majority of which have been consistently pushed to the side over recent years.

Loughborough North West

Nigel Feetham The Wolds ward Charnwood

Name: Nigel Feetham

I spent most of my working life teaching Physics in Comprehensive schools in and around Nottingham and Loughborough. I still do some teaching but as a personal tutor. I also run classes on practicing mindfulness and meditation. I joined the Loughborough Green Party eight years ago.

I am active in the Green Party because I feel that during my lifetime I have watched society sleep walk into a totally predictable environmental disaster that we are now begining to witness unfold. While we allow a political and economic system to continue that "works" on the unspoken assumption that the world is an endless human resource, existing outside of ourselves and there to service our needs, rather than a delicately interconnected and remarkable ecosystem that include us, we will continue this disasterous course. Only the global Green movement is awake to this reality and driving home the politics that can build a safe, peaceful, equitable and sustainable future.


Loughborough North

Name: Wesley Walton.  About Me: Wesley (24) is a ex Loughborough University student who has been living in Loughborough for 5 over years and currently  works as a delivery rider. He can often be seen cycling around Loughborough and the surrounding areas. Wes has previously stood as a Green Party candidate in Storer ward (for Charnwood Borough Council) and was the Green Party's candidate for Loughborough in the 2019 General Election.

As a Green party member, Wes thinks that meeting the looming climate crisis is our number priority and as younger member of society is worried that the effects of climate change will have a dramatic effect on his own life and those of his generation. He is also concerned that the voice of younger generations is missing in the conversation surrounding the issue with the average age of Leicester County Council members (councillors) being well over 40 years of age. As an activist within Young Minds, a mental health charity for young people, he is very concerned with the mental well being of everyone within Leicestershire.


Loughborough South West

Richard Blanchard Loughborough Garendon ward Charnwood

Name - Paul Goodman Paul is 66 and lives in Pantain Road in the heart of South West Loughborough.Now retired, he worked all his life as a librarian and local government officer and has always been interested and active in community activism.He joined the Green Party in 2014 because he feels that their values and policies represent what is most needed for a sustainable future in an increasingly challenging and insecure world.He believes that the County Council needs some Green representation to boost our resilience to climate change and increasingly frequent extreme weather events. He also believes that the County Council is well placed to LEAD on the delivery of economic regeneration based upon new, green jobs and industries. Otherwise known as the Green New Deal.  


Barrow and Quorn

Ashley Gray Loughborough Shelthorpe ward Charnwood

Name - Mia Woolley

Mia Woolley, aged 44, has lived in Barrow upon Soar for 14 years.

Having taught English in local schools for many years, Mia joined The Green Party as their progressive education policy is something with which she agrees passionately. Seeing children increasingly pushed to breaking point in a competitive world, Mia believes many of the pressures faced by young people today are counter-productive to education and well-being.



Elisha Shamba Loughborough Nanpantan ward Charnwood

Name - Billy Richards

Occupation - Design Engineer

Billy is 31, a Design Engineer and a father of two, a keen runner and an avid cyclist. He represented Sileby for a number of years as a Parish Councillor and is currently leading Sileby Youth Club.

“I am greatly concerned about the environmental impact that we as humans are having on the planet, and feel that it’s the local governments’ duty to create sustainable movements and infrastructures, rather than focussing on short-term economic policies." 

He is hoping to promote more of a sharing culture within the community, preventing overconsumption and using communal resources to benefit the wider community economically, following the same principles as libraries.

He would like to be able to help provide real solutions to the social and economic problems we have today through long-term policies, and taking inspiration from communities in the global landscape to tackle issues of:

  • increasing population density within Sileby and the Wolds
  • flooding that prevents access to and from the A6
  • the dangerous lack of cycle lanes around Sileby and the Wolds
  • providing more support for community infrastructures, and encouraging the creation of more social enterprises to generate a stronger local economy


Loughborough East

Name - David Kellock
I grew up and have lived most of my adult life in Loughborough, have been Treasurer of a local Scout group for about five years, enjoy Scuba diving and archery (until I injured my shoulder). I've been a union workplace and health and safety rep.
I joined the Green party because I have children. 


Name - John Hounsome

About me - I was born and raised in a small town / village on the south coast, which was not unlike Shepshed, just a bit further south, where I became a time-served engineering apprentice before moving into technology / IT, and now working in a small, Leicestershire based business
I am now a 50 year old step-granddad & step-dad, keen dog walker, competent cook and baker, not so good but also keen musician, general all-round DIY-avoider (until it is far too late), a promising gardening assistant and now a new allotmenteer whilst remaining generally passionate about green and sustainability issues, for the majority of my life!

Just over four years ago, my wife I moved to Shepshed to be closer to her family - she was born and bred in Loughborough with most of her family still there.
When I moved to the area, I was amazed and how nice it is – everyone so welcoming and friendly, close to towns and citys but still felt life village life.
But in that short time, I have seen it’s issues getting worse - crime / antisocial behaviour, shops being left empty, traffic getting worse regardless of the ‘good changes implemented’ and general infrastructure suffering, despite promises of improvements to come.
Along came Covid and whilst efforts have been made, there has always seemed a lock of co-ordination and focus on some of the hidden issues; mental and physical health, especially on a more local level
So, using my almost 30 years of experience being in large scale businesses and listening to people and issues and devising innovative solutions, then managing & delivering them through to completion, I have decided to put these skills to a better use for the local community. 

Castle Donington and Kegworth 

Name - Lucy Pratt

About Me: In 2015, I landed my first job after university in the beautiful village of Castle Donington. I worked as a design engineer for a local company (Inneva Ltd) and after a few years of saving, managed to buy a small home in the village and become a permanent fixture.

In 2019, I co-founded a green business (Kitleys) with an old friend of 13 years, and last year I decided to leave my role at Inneva to spend more time on the business and retrain as a software engineer.

I am now 29 and work from my home as a freelance software engineer and business co-owner.

I believe that the green party is the only political direction that we can choose in order to have any chance of accelerating improvements in the social and economic systems of our country and sustaining our future on this planet.


Forest and Measham


Name: James Harrison  

About Me: James has lived in Leicestershire for the past 12 years and having grown up in the countryside of South Wales, he has been inspired to have a real interest in what can be done to preserve our environment and the importance of doing so.

Currently working in Castle Donington as a general manager within a design and engineering consultants James recognises the he might not appear to be from the traditional background for a Green Party campaigner, but the work he does has given him a real awareness of how any business can adapt and innovate to reduce their environmental impact and operate in a sustainable way.

“Like many, I take small, everyday steps to reduce my environmental impact. However, I know the biggest impact I can have is to support the Green Party and give those who see managing climate change as a priority the opportunity to vote Green.
Through recent national and local lockdowns, I’ve been really encouraged by the strength of our local community in supporting one another and making use of the local resources and outdoor spaces we have on our doorsteps. I would hope that my contribution will preserve that for future generations as well as kick start the action required to build a fair and sustainable future.”



Name: Ben Woolley

About me: 

Ben joined the Green Party more than 6 years ago and started to get involved with the Loughborough team, close to where he lives.

He got involved in the Party due to being frustrated with the exploitation by both government and big business on so many different levels (of people, resources etc) and felt that the Green Party offered the best political solution to this.

“I perform a number of party functions (Agent and Nominations officer) within both Loughborough and North-West Leicestershire, and wants to to try to ensure that we have a full spread of Green Party candidates that people can vote for if they so wish.



Name: Liz Fletcher 

About Me:

Liz has lived most of her life in and around Coalville and surrounding villages, working in Sales and Marketing within the Construction, Engineering, and more recently Not for Profit sector. She is a founder member and Director of the recently set up Coalville CAN society, which has sustainability and community at its core.

Liz is a supporter of decentralisation and removing barriers to success. She believes that streamlining complex processes and improving efficiency in decision making within the Council can ensure that sustainable goals can be met earlier by allowing projects to start sooner.

"I believe the Green Party have the policies that align closest to my own personal views, allowing for a fair, accessible and green economic recovery. 

We need to think outside of traditional solutions in a post-COVID world. We have seen how video conferencing allowed families to connect and business to succeed during lockdown. There are many more interesting technologies to be discovered that can reduce the impact humans have on the planet whilst providing opportunities for individuals.”

Coalville South

Name: Mark Burns

About Me:

Mark has lived in Coalville for the last 10 years, and having grown up in a coastal town in the North East of Scotland, has long been passionate about coastal and sea pollution.

He has 20 years of experience with a FTSE 20 company, Mark worked on HR and fraud investigations, becoming a manager specialising in business continuity arrangements. He is a founding Trustee for a local charity, supporting children with rare metabolic conditions.

“Economic recovery following the Covid crisis provides an excellent opportunity to invest in renewable energy, green business practices and a new way forward for dealing with the climate emergency.

A vote for the Green Party will ensure that the obligations and targets set by the Council will have a primary focus, giving us best opportunity to be a Zero Carbon council by 2030.”

Ashby and Blackfordby 

Name: Carl Benfield 

About Me: I'm a husband and father to four children, owner of a dog and servant to a cat. After 16 years' military service I worked in renewable energy for 11 years and now run a company manufacturing timber frame buildings (which offer the best possibility of carbon-zero housing). I've been a Green Party district councillor for 2 years.

My experience as a councillor with North West Leicestershire has made it clear to me that having a green in the room is essential.  Because we are not whipped to vote in any particular way, I can represent my constituents the best way I can for both them and the environment.  Whilst I can't claim full credit for changes to council policy, I have been very vocal on how we tackle climate change, local transport and air quality.  
There are so many issues in Leicestershire that need to be challenged.  Whilst other parties fawn over the idea of a free port around East Midlands Airport, I want to investigate how this will affect our future communities; more warehouses, roads  and unlimited air traffic may not be the outcome we really want.
It's also clear that despite having a majority, our Conservative council has been ineffectual in obtaining more funds from the Government.  A few green party members on the council will send a clear message to Westminster that people are becoming wise to empty promises.

Coalville North

Name: David Robinson
The Green Party has been very much at the heart of my philosophy for most of my life.
I have worked as an outdoor instructor and manager in outdoor activities for over 15 years. I have become passionate about environmental causes running a very successful Canoe Litter Pick Team for the last several years.
I really want to work with the community on projects that can make a real positive change the community. I believe strongly in teamwork and bringing together ideas and innovation to improve people's lives.

Ibstock and Appleby


Name: Ian Wilson

About me: A recent arrival in the area I have quickly made my new home here. Much of the last year has been exploring the area, on foot, and feeling lucky to live amongst this amazing countryside and am laying down deep roots. I have worked alongside community businesses and social enterprises for the last ten years, helping people make a living by making a difference in their community. This follows a corporate career for over twenty years. The main life shaping events for me have been as a carer and trying to work through the system to do right by my loved ones.   

I believe in people, coming together in their neighbourhoods and communities and the starting point of a better place to live is deeper and better connections; with the Council working to help people make a difference in their community. In my working life I see the power of people running those places and spaces they are passionate about. To slow down the climate crisis and address the issues of bio-diversity and soil quality we need changes in policy as well as our individual contributions.