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Sileby and Seagrave

Meet our elected Greens, Faye Ford, Geoff Lawrence and Naomi Bottomley. They have been working hard for their local area, continuing to voice the concerns of their local community in Sileby and Seagrave, as members of Charnwood Borough Council.
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Cllr Naomi Bottomley
is originally from Buckinghamshire and moved to the Loughborough area as a student in 2012. She is passionate about education, health and social care; having a background working in schools, children's mental health services, disability support work and care homes.

Naomi joined the Green Party because she understands that we need to take climate action now and was frustrated by the blasé attitude of current politics. She also believes that the Green Party have the strongest solutions to many of our education, health and social issues; the majority of which have been consistently pushed to the side over recent years. 

Cllr Faye Forde is originally from Ireland and has lived in the UK since 2017. She is the Director of Finance and Operations for a national cancer charity and has one child who is 5. 

Faye has always been interested in social issues and has long been frustrated at how politics serves the interests of the few. She feels strongly that there is a different way to do politics, one that centres local people and their needs, and knows that the Green Party is the only party that can deliver this change. 

Cllr Geoff Lawrence is originally from Hertfordshire and has lived in Leicestershire for 41 years. He is a retired business analyst who worked for the county council for 34 years, and knows what makes local councils tick! He has a long track record as a campaigner for disarmament, constitutional reform, and for action on climate change. He is a regular at the Friday climate vigil outside the MP's office in Loughborough, and is a strong believer that only the Green Party has the environmental and social justice policies to create a sustainable and just future for ordinary people. Since moving to Sileby in 2022, he has got involved in the local community, volunteering at The Green Place, and working with residents to campaign for much needed improvements in the local road network and better access to reliable public transport.

To read about what Naomi, Faye and Geoff have been doing in Sileby, have a look at the newsletters here.


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