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Loughborough Green Party covers the area of the Parliamentary Constituency of Loughborough.

We campaign on Local, National and International issues and look to stand candidates in Local and General elections.

Unsure of which constituency you belong to, use this link: 

Charnwood Constituency Boundaries

Our sister group Charnwood County can be found here


Join the Green Party

As a member, you can be as active as you like - from armchair and online support to standing as a candidate for election. For more information, please email Alex Eeles (Membership Officer).

Students: Join the Green Party for just £5 a year!


Next Meeting

The Loughborough Green Party holds regular meetings for members, supporters and anyone interested in Green issues.

The 2017 meetings will be held at The Swan in the Rushes Pub, in the Hop Loft, upstairs.

Dates for our meetings and events can be found on the Calender Page.



Even if you don't want to make the commitment of joining us, we always welcome supporters and volunteers.

Running a campaign requires lots of work, and we aim to maintain a constant presence, not just election times. So all help is appreciated, here is a list of activities but not limited to:

Deliver leaflets on your street

Go out with our campaign team and speak to local residents about their concerns

Raise funds to support campaigns

Support activists against Fracking/Austerity and many more

Write news peices to share on Loughborough Green Party socail media platforms

Educate fellow members/supporters on issues that you are passionate about

Start/join an interest group that takles Local Issues and brings about actual change

Design Leaflets/Posters

So if you have fundraising experience or web design, press, research and administrative skills? 

Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love to hear from you.



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