Charities and Partners associated with Loughborough Green Party

Our local members are actively persuing the changes based on Green Party Manifesto and Principles.

Everyone needs to do their part so get involved today and make a positive difference to our community, to bring about a change in a culture that promotes community well being not just self gain.


Transition Towns are a grass root movement aiming to provide local and appropriate solutions to the problems we face due to declining oil supplies, climate change, waste reduction, food production, energy price rises and sustainable transport.  Whilst many of the problems we face are global, the Transition Towns movement aims to tackle them using local people, local ideas and local projects.

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Switch 100%: campaign run by the East Midlands Green Party. Our aim is to assist Councils / Schools / Places of Worship switch energy supply to renewable energy.

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Utilise Social Cafe: A Community led group that aims to use food that was destined for landfill and create great tasting food in an inspiring communal atmosphere in the beautiful Fearon Hall in Loughborough.

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