Loughborough Greens select Matt Sisson as Parliamentary Candidate

15 December 2014

Loughborough Green Party is pleased to announce that Matt Sisson has been selected as its parliamentary candidate for Loughborough in next May’s General Election. Matt has studied, lived, and worked in the town for the last 13 years.

Matt says:

“I’m proud to have been selected to represent the Green Party in Loughborough in 2015.”

“The continued rise of the Greens and UKIP show that the era of three-party-politics is over. People are no longer happy with politics-as-usual, and the clear, fair, and hopeful policies of the Green Party have a wide appeal.” *

“With Labour having recently made clear that it will continue the Conservatives’ and Liberal Democrats’ spending cuts, the Greens are the only national party proposing an alternative to austerity; a policy that has shrunk wages, increased inequality, and led to a million Britons a year relying on food banks. In the world’s 7thrichest country, the unnecessary hardship suffered by so many has to end”.   

The Loughborough Green Party are standing a significant number of local council candidates, as well as a parliamentary candidate in the elections in May. We aim to give, to as many people in Charnwood as we can, the chance to vote for candidates and for a party that believes in the public good, and that will fight to protect our key services and those who rely on them.

Any residents wishing to contact Matt can do so directly at matt.sisson@loughborough.greenparty.org.uk


*Polls over the last month have consistently shown the Greens’ vote share above or level with the Lib Dems, while Green Party membership has doubled nationally since the start of 2014.

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