Why it's important to vote for what you believe in

27 April 2015


In a final article before the election next week, Matt Sisson, parliamentary candidate for Loughborough, features in the Loughborough Echo. Matt says:

"If you believe in a publicly-funded, publicly-run NHS, free at the point of delivery, then vote Green. If you think that we need greater equality - that it’s unacceptable that in one of the wealthiest countries that has ever existed we have 1.6million children in severe poverty - then vote Green. If you believe that everyone has the right to a decent, affordable home, then vote Green. And if you believe that Climate Change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, and that we should actually address it, rather than just paying it lip-service, then please vote Green.

It’s really important to vote for what you believe in.

Even if the party you vote for doesn’t win in your area, your vote sends out a clear message about what it is that you stand for, which the other parties and the media have to pay attention to. In the same way that the recent success of UKIP has focused attention on issues like immigration, voting Green causes the other parties to address issues like Climate Change, NHS privatisation, low wages, and inequality. It gives us a clearer mandate to demand change, and a louder voice in the media and beyond, which we can use to build even greater support next time.

Your vote is your voice. If you believe that we need a change - that we need a country that works for the common good of everyone, rather than just for a very wealthy few - then please Vote Green."

If you have any questions, why not drop Matt an email - matt.sisson@loughborough.greenparty.org.uk