Lack of foresight and planning is leading to Libraries and Museums across the County to brace for further cuts and closures

7 March 2016

Candidates and Members or The Green Party Leicestershire wide have put together a joint letter regarding Library & Museum closures for submission.

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Green Statement on Libraries & Museums


More libraries and museums are set to close in Leicestershire due to a lack of foresight by Labour,Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councilors. Questions need to be asked as to why out elected officials did not plan to protect key community services when the severity of the cuts became apparent? 

All political parties are aware that the Conservative Government is ideologically bound to shrink the state, privatise essential services and dump what ever they beleive does not have an immediate financial value. Were our Counciliors really not aware these cuts were going to happen? Or do they simply lack the backbone to stand up and defend our community assets? 

Libraries and Museums are a hub for communities and the educational, social and economic output of the country as a whole. They are essential places where everyone is equal and able to borrow a book for learning or recreation, sit and read a newspaper, use the IT equipment, or learn about our history. They also have the added benifits of attracting people to the local shops, which are essential to local economies and social cohesion. 

Allowing institutions like this to disappear forever is squandering the legacy left for us and a disservice to future generations. It shows a lack of innovation from our elected officials who have been entrusted to protect and progress our society. The Green Party beleives there is a bettwe way, which is why our members have been at the forefront of saving libraries from total destruction.

The Green Party is committed to actively mitigating the impacts of these savage ideologically driven cuts to local communities with innovative solutions.

Joint letter from Green Party Officers & Candidates  

(Charnwood, Loughborough, Harborough, Oadby & Wigston, Hinckley, Melton)

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