LGP Curry and Music Festival leaves members wanting more.

24 March 2016

Curry Night Poster


Loughborough Green Party held its first Curry and Music night at Fearon Hall on 19th March, marking two years since the Greens were re-launched in Loughborough.We enjoyed a fantastic home-made Vegetarian/Vegan curry (thanks to Philip Leicester) and a Lamb curry provided (and thanks to) Godfrey Moustache. Sean Kerslake provided samosas and Nige Feetham ran the bar. Nearly fifty people came along (thanks to Bianca for running the booking system) and it was lovely to see some local members for the first time, as well as Laurie and Luke from East Goscote and John and Sandy from Belper (John lending a hand to the supply of live music).

Everyone worked tremendously hard (thanks to Sue Leicester and Gill Feetham for masses of washing up, to Billy Richards in the kitchen and to Charlie Willsher for table-clearance) and it just went to show what a solid team of friends and committed people the local Greens are!

Music was provided by Howard Coleman (two sessions of Klesma), John Devine (with his own green-themed songs) and Bill and Madeleine woke everyone up with a rousing mix of World War 1 songs and Modern classics. Just when the fun seemed to be coming to the end up stepped Lauren and Joe as a duo and then, as a finale, a group of international young people got everyone clapping along to traditional along to some Greek and Italian classics, with dancing!

What had set out as a very experimental social evening was agreed unanimously to have been a fantastic success. It was really quite sad when 11.00pm struck and we needed to end the evening and vacate the building.

Thanks everyone, we really must do this again!