Leicestershire Against Onshore Drilling (L.A.O.D.)

21 April 2016

Are you concerned about the impact of Fracking will have on Leicestershire and the UK? Well you should be; for a wide range of long term implications Fracking has on local communites and the environment.

Be it, Air Pollution, Destruction of Ecosystems, Road Congestions, Toxic Waste, Gas Leaks, Visual Eye Sore, Reducing House Prices etc etc etc.

The list of impacts to your life is substaintial and so is the resources of these Companies. Continually the Goverment is ignoring citizens protests against such a damaging process to meet short term needs in Oil and Gas industry. Money that is be better used within the ever growing renewables energy industry.

Would you like to help withthe L.A.O.D. campaign? Would you like to become more knowledgable or understand the major concerns we have?

Next meeting is 23/4/16 - at Elizabeth House, Perth Avenue LE3 6QR 2-4pm. Anyone is welcome to attend.

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