The Grassroots Directory Requires Crowdfunding

21 April 2016



'The Grassroots Directory is a new format source book that will list some of the most innovative, practical and exciting community-led projects in the UK. Sharp-looking and handy, this volume aims to showcase over 200 enterprises, spaces and co-operative ventures which are helping to build a more sustainable and fairer society.

It was inspired by many years documenting community projects, including in the national grassroots newspaperTransition Free Press. We – that’s the Directory ed team – felt that the speedy nature of on-line and printed media meant that the stories about them didn’t always reach the places they could have given time. So we decided to produce the Directory as a ‘bumper annual’, so they could have a longer – and hopefully well thumbed – ‘shelf life’!

Each entry to the Directory will contain a main project that places the subject in focus and explains how local grassroots action and involvement matters. It will then profile other projects engaged in the same activity and show how readers and communities can take part.

With its real-life testimonies and hands-on approach, the Directory is looking to to inspire everyone with the tools and knowledge to take part in local and community work for the future. Whether an energy scheme or cycle path, a low carbon group or micro-brewery, what makes all of these projects unique is that they are owned and run by the community for the community.'



Co-operatives are the sustainable future of economics to help local people find meaningful work and be able to contribute and share the fruits of their labour with colleages. For an equal and fair society to prevail, people need to be allowed to have a voice in the work they choose and no one person should earn 250 times the amount as another regardless of the work they do.

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