Leicestershire Green Parties coming together to bring global issues to light

13 June 2016

Whilst the majority of the nation sat down to watch the opening ceromony of France Euro 2016, a group of 25 people came together at Sileby's Green Place to watch a film, 'This Changes Everything'. A film about everyday people taking on large organisations and corporate giants to fight their causes. A film that presented human challenges so vast, their struggle and likelihood of success could be compared to Leicester City's, taking on a team as big as Barcelona before the amazing events of this season.

The film itself, unlike the analogy of a football match, does not finish with a shake of hands and a mutual respect between opponents. Instead the film documents some of the greatest crimes that humanity is allowing to be made to the Earth. From the world's largest Tar sands in Canada to the proposed mining in Greece, it was clear that Capitalism has generated a culture of efficiency and acceptance of greed that allows companies to destroy vast Ecosystems for profit.

The basic principle is that Captialism in its simplest form is the need to extract resources found on Earth to make profit. And in order for this process to continue to provide profit, it requires growth of the market. Growth of the market requires the use of more resources; now, it doesn't take a specialist degree on the subject of finite resouces for people to put two and two together. It is unsustainable.

So what is the impact of this Capitalist process on our children? Well it presents a bleak future. Their inheritence of this world is increasingly becoming polluted in all areas from water to air.  But communities are fighting back, many putting their lives on the line for the future of their children. Slowly more people are waking up to these flaws in an undemocratic capitalist society, where CEO's have the power to break the planet and squash any resistance, where elected officials are lobbied to make the interests of a few outweigh the voice of many by the promise of money.

To go back to my original analogy, Leicester City have always been dominated by the likes of Barcelona. Until this year, when their dream became more of a reality; the underdogs playing as a strong united team competing against the Megastars of the the football world. Competing and winning. It doesn't take a high profile and millions in the bank to win; we all have a chance if we're willing to put up the fight.

Thanks to 'The Green Place' in Sileby for hosting the event and the for Global Justice Now for loaning the film.

Lastly I would like to thank those who came and ask that you spread the message of the film to friends and family.

If people are interested in holding a screening or know of groups/families and friends that would like to see the film, please contact us via lboro.greenparty@gmail.com.