Loughborough Green Party Launches Sustainable Transport Survey

28 January 2021

The Loughborough Green Party is undertaking a survey of all schools in the town to understand present travel to school and thus better encourage increases in walking and bicycling so as to reduce traffic pollution in the town and improve child health.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a boom in cycling and walking. To capitalise on this change, we believe it is important to understand and address the local barriers to sustainable transport. Loughborough Green party is conducting a survey to find out what is needed in the local area to support sustainable school travel. 

We have emailed 21 schools in the local area and will use the results to:

  1. Lobby Charnwood and Leicestershire Councils to action. 
  2. Be a constructive resource which will provide advice to schools and the council on promoting sustainable transport.

If you are a Head Teacher or school administrator in Loughborough and you would like a copy of the survey to take part, please email us at contact@loughborough.greenparty.org.uk