29 January 2021


Today, Friday 29th January, is the start of this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch. People are being asked to spend just one hour watching and recording the birds in their garden, then send their results to the RSPB. 


Anne-Marie McDevitt, RSPB NI Head of Species, said: “With more people having to stay at home over the past year, everyone has been spending more time outdoors and in gardens and I think as a result have been noticing nature more and having more time to engage with it.” 


“Last year people were asking us if more birds were singing during the lockdown, but it’s not that there has been more wildlife about; it’s just that we’ve had more time and space to notice it.” 


Members in the local green party will be taking to their gardens and spending a quiet hour over the next two days to see what they can spot. Will you be joining us?