6 February 2021

At last week's local branch meeting, Oge Elijzu from the community organisation Black Girls Hike (BGH) spoke to members about how BGH is working to develop services and projects to increase the participation and development of Black women in the outdoors. 

While the Green Party believes that nature is a space open to everyone, unforunately research has proven that not everyone feels welcome in the UK countryside. Rhiane Fatinikun founded Black Girl Hike in 2019 to address this issue and to provide a safe space for Black women to explore the outdoors. Challenging the status quo, and encouraging Black women to reconnect with nature, they host nationwide group hikes, outdoor activity days and training events.


Oge spoke to the local branch members about the history of the organisation and about how she got involved to lead the London chapter. Their first group hike in London had over 100 people! 

The members really enjoyed listening to Oge speak and will be following Black Girls Hike with interest.