9 March 2021

Wesley Walton, Green Party Candidate for Loughborough North is backing the Green Party call for cut to VAT for retrofitting to ensure warmer homes for our community. 


“Reducing the cost of retrofitting home reduces carbon emissions, reduces the costs of home heating and increases quality of life. It is an easy win that must be the first of many steps towards a carbon neutral future. We are currently in the middle of a climate crisis and we should be ensuring that we incentivise developers to reduce emissions and provide everyone with a warm secure home” – Wesley


Green Party finance spokesperson Molly Scott Cato has launched a petition demanding the government remove VAT for refurbishment projects if they substantially reduce carbon emissions and impose a 20% VAT for new build schemes, reduced to 5% if the build meets minimum passive house standard.  The IMechE, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, reports that heating is one of the main sources of emissions in Britain accounting for almost 13th of our national greenhouse gases which is a similar level to emissions from cars. Yet three quarters of homes are still using gas and oil-fired boilers when there are low emissions alternatives.


Sign the petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/573207