25 March 2021

Greens support calls to better protect nature

“The Green Party is the only political party that fully comprehends the devastating consequences of climate change and environmental damage. And so realises the radical action that is now needed if we are to turn the tide and build a clean and sustainable future.

In Britain natural habitats continue to be lost due to several factors but mainly intensive farming methods that exhaust the soil and pollute waterways driving species loss. 

A recent State of Nature report concluded: 

“A quarter of UK mammals and nearly half of the birds assessed are at risk of extinction, according to the report, which was produced by a coalition of more than 70 wildlife organisations and government conservation agencies. When plants, insects and fungi are added, one in seven of the 8,400 UK species assessed are at risk of being completely lost, with 133 already gone.”

A vote for the Green Party pressures all political parties to take responsibility and act now.”

Nigel Feetham, Loughborough North West Candidate


What we are doing 

The Green Party has reiterated a call for a ‘State of Nature’ clause being included in the delayed Environment Bill which would require the government to set a legally binding target of 2030 to halt and reverse the decline of nature.Green Party MP Caroline Lucas supported an amendment to the bill, with the target seen as a vital way to hold ministers to account- without the amendment, opportunities to save the natural world from irreversible damage would be lost.


Show your support by signing our petition https://e-activist.com/page/76784/petition/1?locale=en-GB


What we would do if elected locally:

  • Strengthen protections given to the Green Belt, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Specific Interest.
  • We would invest in ecotourism and rewilding schemes bringing about habitat recovery and benefiting local communities through tourism and job creation. 
  • We would create pockets of green space throughout urban areas to promote biodiversity and help people access the physical and mental health benefits of nature. We also oppose the loss of any remaining local green spaces such as the proposed development of a valued field at the top of Leconfield Road in the Nanpantan ward.
  • We would implement affordable, clean transport to reach Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty through new cycling, walking and bus routes to encourage the enjoyment of the natural world on a wider scale.