4 April 2021

Greens urge shakeup of disastrous test and trace system

  •  “It is paramount the government is fully held to account for this failure” Naomi Bottomley, candidate for Loughborough South. 


The Green Party has called on the government to decentralise its calamitous test and trace system and hand over control of the system to local authorities. The demand comes soon after Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley led the party’s call for a public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic. [1]


What we support:

  • We would replace private sector involvement in the NHS with community-led services. The implementation of a ‘bottom up’ approach within the local authority setup would see services planned and provided without contracts through Health Boards.
  • An end to the internal market must also be enacted and a focus on Caroline Lucas’ NHS Reinstatement Bill deployed to help tackle the issues within the healthcare system.

The pandemic has made it very clear how wonderful our NHS is, and that is why we must call a halt to the creeping privatisation and put the NHS fully back under public control.