Nature "our most valuable asset" according to Dasgupta Review

25 May 2021

In 2019, HM Treasury commissioned an independent global review on the Economics of Biodiversity led by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta. The Review has found that our well-being, our livelihoods and our economies all depend on Nature as our most precious asset. It calls for transformative changes in how all of us act and think. It questions how we currently measure economic success labelling it as unsustainable and dangerous to the prosperity of current and future generations.

The Review also presents a new framework for how we should account for Nature in economics and when making policy decisions. It includes recommendations on how to engagnaturee with Nature in a more sustainable way by breaking the link with GDP as the only measure of economic success, by transforming our financial and educational institutions and systems and by focusing on conservation and restoration of our natural assets for the sake of ourselves and our descendants.

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