20 September 2021

This coming Thursday there is a by-election in Shepshed West. Our candidate John Hounsome and volunteers have been out canvassing and delivering leaflets. Here is what John has to say in the days before the election.

"It’s been nice to meet and hear the views of so many residents last couple of weeks.
What has become apart is that, in addition to the issues raised in my leaflets, if elected, I will also ensure the following topics and addressed or at the very least, discussed at council level, with the level of transparency that the residents of Shepshed deserve:
Incinerator - ensure proper external and independent monitoring of the emissions
Rubbish and bins - insist on a review of all known problem areas in Shepshed (in conjunction with the town council) and revisit the placement of bins around the area
Recycling centre closure - get a cast iron guarantee that the tip will not remain permanently closed and ensure it gets reopened as soon as possible, before the area gets overrun with more waste and unnecessary car journeys to dispose in one of the other areas of Charnwood, or even north west Leicestershire 
Over all, I wish to make Shepshed feel like the 2nd largest town in Charnwood, and not some poor relation whilst lots of smaller areas are seen to get more that we do." 
If you want Green vote Green. Vote for John on 23rd September.