27 September 2021

Shepshed West By-Election 


The results came in last Thursday evening. 

Conservative 511 

Labour 316

Green Party 302 

Liberal Democrats 44


Conservatives held the seat. However this was a good news story for the Green Party. We were the only party to increase our vote share. In the county elections in May, the Green Party got 7% of the vote share in Shepshed, increasing to 26% this time.

This is the news story that counts. Of course, the fact of the matter is that apathy to voting was the real winner here, with the chart below showing that the real % for each party is even lower. 

We are pround of the work we have done in Shepshed in the past weeks and months and will continue to encourage everyone to get involved in local politics. 

Thank you to everyone that helped, and thank you to everyone who voted for John in Shepshed. 

a pie chart showing the results in Shepshed with 80.7% of the electorate not voting