16 May 2022

Letter sent to Loughborough Echo from local green pary member Andy Patrick


Dear Editor, 

I was interested to learn recently that Wyre council (part of Lancashire County Council) have started trials of concrete gullies in pavements, to enable electric vehicle charging cables to be safely connected without causing a trip hazard for pedestrians, following similar trials in Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire [example link].


[Photo credit]


When can we expect Charnwood Borough Council to put their own similar scheme into operation?


Of course, gullies are not the perfect solution for EV charging, and EVs alone will not be a magical fix for the climate emergency. But with transport contributing 27% of the UK’s carbon emissions [source], and one in three UK homes not having access to off-street parking (which is normally the cheapest and most convenient place to charge), creative ideas like this – in combination with other strategies – could help make meaningful progress towards the zero-carbon future we need.


Andy Patrick

Loughborough Green Party