29 June 2022

Loughborough Green Party to contribute to Local Plan Examination


On 30th June the Loughborough Green Party will present to the Inspector conducting the Local Plan Examination. This is an important opportunity to highlight shortcomings in Charnwood’s plan.  We have decided to focus in our submission on the energy consumption, and thus CO2 emissions, associated with the almost 20,000 new houses to be built over the lifetime of the plan.  Unless properly mitigated, this will amount to a major increase in emissions from the district; this at a time when Government policy is to converge on zero emissions by 2050.

Charnwood have ignored the advice of the independent Sustainability Appraisal they themselves commissioned that recommended mandatory requirements for developers to implement the highest thermal performance standards for new housing. These new houses will still be with us in 2050 and unless they are built now to deliver net zero CO2 emissions, there is no chance of mitigating dangerous contributions to global warning.  Given the critical importance of policy here, our hope is that Charnwood can be forced to change their position.


David Infield, Loughborough Green Party