15 January 2023

A huge thank you to everyone in the local Sileby community who supported our second Coats for Kids Day. 

To the parents and grandparents who donated so generously before Christmas that we had enough to run two events - thank you! 

To the local business owners who agreed to be collection points, and who put up flyers in their windows - thank you! 

To the schools who let all their parents know about the event - thank you!

To the two Kathys, who knitted beautiful hats and scarves - thank you! 

And to the volunteers who came and helped out on the day, a big thank you! 

On a cold January day it warmed our heart to know that the people of Sileby care about their neighbours, and it was lovely to meet those of you that stopped by and to help your children choose a new coat. 

We've donated the excess clothes to Rainbows, so we can continue the generosity of the people of Sileby. 

We hope to see you all again soon. 

Naomi, Faye and Geoff (The Sileby Green Team) 

A photo of Faye, Geoff and Naomi