Crowdfunding Success

14 January 2015

The Loughborough Green Party has reached its initial crowdfunder target of £1000, but we can still take more donations to make our election campaigns even better

Green 3-point plan for the NHS

14 January 2015

Loughborough Parliamentary Candidate Matt Sisson has written a letter to the Loughborough Echo, spelling out how the Green Party would fix the NHS.

Matt Sisson selected as Parliamentary Candidate for Loughborough

15 December 2014

Loughborough Green Party is pleased to announce that Matt Sisson has been selected as its parliamentary candidate for Loughborough

Party membership doubles

03 December 2014

Membership of the Loughborough Green Party has doubled since February, mirroring the 100% rise in Green Party of England and Wales membership in 2014.

National Poll puts Green Party ahead of the Liberal Democrats

21 October 2014

Ashcroft National Poll: Green Party polling on 8%, ahead of the Liberal Democrats

Britain needs a pay rise

12 October 2014

British Trade Unions are marching on Saturday 18th October to call for a pay-rise for Britain.

Campaign in Loughborough against TTIP

07 October 2014

Join with 38 Degrees outside the Town Hall in Loughborough this Saturday 11th, at 11am to help alert the public to its dangerous impact on our public services and environmental standards.

Jenny Jones, Mark Chivers and Molly Scott Cato

The People's Climate March, September 21st

28 August 2014

The People's Climate March London is coming!

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