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Parliamentary Candidates 2024 General Election

Loughborough - Hans Zollinger

Loughborough Green Party has chosen its candidate for the Loughborough constituency in the next General election.

Hans Zollinger, aged 50 and a businessman, was selected by local members recently. Hans is greatly honoured to be representing the Green Party and advocating progressive policies based upon a green industrial policy, modernising and insulating homes for energy efficiency, and social policies that support a modern and fairer working life including the greater distribution of opportunities. 

Hans moved to the East Midlands from Cornwall in 2013 with his wife Sarah. They have 2 children, aged 11 and 9 years. Hans has a good knowledge of and good connections to Loughborough and the surrounding area through his wife’s family and his architectural design and planning business. He says "Loughborough and its surrounding towns and villages face big challenges, but I see that they have great potential. I want to help build a fairer society where everybody feels empowered, has an equal chance to strive and thrive, and where public services are properly funded”.

North West Leicestershire - Carl Benfield

Carl and his family moved to Ashby following 16 years’ service in the Royal Engineers, leaving as a Major in 2007.
After 11 years working in renewable energy, Carl is now a business consultant specialising in strategic decision making for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Carl and his wife Rebecca have four sons aged 9 to 22. He is a town councillor for Ashby and has been involved with various environmental and community partner organisations. 

"We need to take action on curbing climate change now, and promises for plans in the distant future are simply not good enough," says Carl. "The Green party are committed to a strong, sustainable economy, where everyone has access to good quality jobs and where endless growth gives way to efficiency and productivity"

Local Elections 2025

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